A Post-Election Message from the Executive Director:

The election results showed both the resonance of our message and the work that lies ahead for Scientists and Engineers for America.  In state after state, the voters supported pro-science candidates and demonstrated that they want a government that respects scientific integrity and scientific truth.

Our mission has always been to raise the public's awareness of importance of good science and to build a constituency that understands how important scientific integrity is to the future of the country.  While we are heartened by the election results and the differences the new Congress will bring to the debate on science issues, much work remains to be done.

Support for Scientists and Engineers for America has been overwhelming and we grealty appreciate the reception we have received from our members and the community at large.  In the coming weeks, we will outline our program for how we intend to build on this year's successes.  We look forward to working closely with you as we move forward.

Scientists and Engineers for America

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